Brian Keating

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Brian Keating Family Adventure

CMH Summer Adventures is excited to host Brian Keating for another entertaining, engaging and hilarious hiking, walking and educational journey in the Bobbie Burns Lodge for families with children of all ages. Brian is an adventurer, world traveler and leader of some 80 expeditions to remote locations world-wide. He and his wife Dee make an excellent addition to our already great Family Adventure vacations.

Brian Keating Trip Itinerary

During daily hikes and walks with CMH's professional guides, adults and children will have the opportunity to share stories and laughter with Brian and Dee. In the evening back at the lodge, Brian will give informal and entertaining presentations on his exciting adventures that have taken him around the globe that will appeal to all ages. Brian's informative and humorous live-narrated video presentations will leave you in awe of these hauntingly beautiful places and inspired to see the world.

Brian Keating and wife Dee Heli-Hiking with CMH Summer Adventures

Date Feature Lodge Length Price
Jul 21-24, 2014 Family Adventure
Bobbie Burns 3 days Adults 18+:  $2,889
    Ages 15-17: $2,464
    Ages 5-14:   $2,174

Dr. Cam Gillies

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Dr. Cam Gillies, PhD., Ornithologist

Cam grew up enjoying the birds and Rocky Mountains of British Columbia. He is a keen birder & photographer and is excited to share his passions! Learn More About Cam Gillies »

Dr. Cam Gillies Trip Itinerary

Cam has guided several trips and has participated in a variety of research projects; everything from catching endangered Leopard Frogs to snow tracking Wolverines. He completed a PhD at the University of Alberta on the movement of forest birds in Costa Rica. During his fieldwork he managed to follow the movements of Barred Antshrikes and Rufous-naped Wrens with radio-telemetry as they flew far and wide! Over several years, he has traveled and birded his way through Jamaica, Guatemala, Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru, Bolivia, and Chile.

Dr. Cam Gillies

Date Feature Lodge Length Price
Jul 15-18, 2014 Dr. Gillies
Bobbie Burns 3 days $2,780

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