Mt. Nimbus
Via Ferrata

Pack some extra adrenaline.

Spirited, thrill-seeking guests will feel on top of the world following an exhilarating excursion to the summit of Mt. Nimbus. Scaling this impressive rock formation is easy and secure thanks to the metal rungs and safety systems of North America's longest via ferrata. A mind-blowing suspension bridge lies between two spires rising 600 meters above the valley floor—the pinnacles of which you will conquer.

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Conrad Glacier Adventure Hike

The perfect mix of feratta, fun and fantastic.

Hike up close and personal in the immense blue tongue of the Conrad ice field, the largest in the Columbia Mountains. Navigate this wilderness course by walking through wild canyons, crossing cable bridges and zip-lines suspended high above rushing waters, and ascending vertical rock faces along the metal via ferrata rungs, all in the company of this stunning and formidable glacial formation.

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CMH Summer Adventures: Conrad Adventure Hike