The Daily Plan

Personalized for each guest

No two CMH Summer Adventures are alike, and it is thanks to our guides that each person can experience the alpine paradise of British Columbia in the way that suits them best. Our guides meet every morning and evening to adjust the plan for each guest with the goal of giving everyone their ideal experience – be it exciting Via Ferrata and Glacier Treks, to casual photo sessions in fields of wildflowers and short hikes through fantasy-like scenery.

Your guide will be equally adept at helping a couple in their 90s take a dreamy stroll along an easy ridge overlooking an alpine wonderland, leading a team of adventure travelers safely across a glacier, or showing a family with young children how to have the most fun in the wilderness.

Passionate Mountain Enthusiasts

Professionally trained

CMH Summer Adventures was started by a couple of mountain guides who wanted to share their love for the mountains and the remote wilderness with people in a way that allowed everyone realize a little of their own dreams. Since 1978 the guides of CMH Summer Adventures have hosted 75,000 guests, and exceeded the expectations of nearly all of them.

Canadian guide certification is done through the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides, an affiliate of the UIAGM/IFMGA, the organization that sets international standards for mountain guide training.

Our Flight Plan

A group effort

While we fly past incredible scenery, we are not a flightseeing operation. This means we plan our flights to maximize the efficiency of the machine, choosing destinations that give everyone an optimal mountain experience without using excessive fuel or flight hours on long flights. We use the helicopters to get into the best part of the mountains, and then to leave us for an intimate experience in the natural world.

On a typical day with CMH Summer Adventures, you will board the helicopter after breakfast and fly to a destination determined by the guides. Then the helicopter will leave, returning to the lodge for a second group, or landing somewhere within radio contact to power down until it is needed. Sometimes in the middle of the day, your group and guide may decide to take a short flight to spend the afternoon in a different location. The helicopter will return near the end of the day to fly you to the lodge. On an average day, each guest will spend about 20 to 30 minutes total in the helicopter.

Alpine Helicopters

Our partner in safety

Since CMH Summer Adventures began in 1978, we've flown 75,000 guests an average of 2-4 flights each day with zero serious incidents. This is a testament to the reliability of helicopters and the safety commitment of our partners at Alpine Helicopters.

Alpine Helicopters manages a world-class helicopter service, with a fleet of 32 Bell helicopters, an aerotech department that services Bell helicopters from all over the world, and an industry-leading reputation for excellence.

The helicopter that supports CMH Summer Adventures is flown by an experienced mountain pilot and is maintained by an onsite helicopter engineer. Our partnership with a recognized leader in the helicopter industry allows our guests to enjoy the exciting capabilities of the helicopter, with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their machine is flown by the best possible pilot, maintained by a well-trained engineer whose sole job is to take care of the helicopter, and backed up by a helicopter company that is respected worldwide for safety, reliability, maintenance and unsurpassed quality.